My coaching is about helping you access your creativity so you can use it to create the life you want

In the short video you will get an idea of who I am and the kind of things I might be inclined to talk about. 

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There are many definitions of coaching

I like the ICF definition, which says:

Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.

The following statements will give you an idea of how I like to coach:

Coaching is a process that supports you to discover your own solutions to the challenges you face. It helps you to create a plan of action and develop the resources you need, to do what has to be done.

Coaching is an invitation into a space of profound connection with yourself. It gently gets you face-to-face with your deepest needs and your core values so you can create a way forward that satisfies you at a fundamental level.

Coaching is a conversation that respects who you are, what you want, and does not provide judgements or opinions about what you should or shouldn’t do. It acknowledges your story, listens deeply and explores new perspectives.

Coaching is a partnership built on trust. We will explore obvious, less obvious, and unchartered territories of your thinking. It’s important to acknowledge yourself, honour your hopes and dreams, and create a path that’s right for you.

Coaching is not therapy. It’s about helping you get better at something. It does not focus on the past, diagnose, advise, or treat you as a patient who needs healing from a painful or traumatic event.

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