Discover the keys to unlocking your imagination and accessing the endless source of inspiration.

A gentle yet profoundly powerful process to help you discover how to unlock your creativity and liberate your imagination using the medium of paint.

You don’t need to be an artist to join us, you just have to be curious enough to want to see what happens when you set your creativity free.

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In-Person Weekly [email protected]'s Studio 2021

Learn how to use painting to focus on your creative process so you can ...

"... allow yourself to transcend the rules, go beyond who you thought you were, and go on a journey of inspiration, growth and change."  - Stewart Cubley 

These classes are for you if you are:

  • New to exploring creativity - and want to get started
  • Currently exploring creativity - and want to go deeper
  • Returning to exploring creativity - and want to enjoy it
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Small groups. 
Spaces limited  
to ensure individual attention

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What's included

  • Professional facilitation by an experienced painter and creativity coach
  • Each workshop gives you two hours of creative exploration
  • All art materials: acrylic paints, strong 230gsm paper etc
  • All art equipment: easels, palettes, brushes etc
  • Spacious studio with an array of ready mixed inspiring colours 
  • Necessary conditions for creative exploration: without art critiques judgement or preferment

You will be working with paint in ways you have most likely never done before.

You will learn how to start focusing on process,
How to continue to discover what emerges before you. 
How to know when to stop and maybe start another painting.

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Learn How to


Starting with a blank canvas can be daunting. This process will show you how to get more comfortable with not-knowing what comes next. You will learn how to:

  • start with nothing
  • take a step at a time 
  • listen to yourself 
  • welcome what comes
  • have a playful approach
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Learn How to


After starting, it's easy for doubts and judgements to block your flow. This process will teach you how to keep things moving. You will learn how to:

  • recognise obstacles
  • respect your process
  • go with the flow 
  • manage difficulty 
  • take creative risks
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Learn How to


Deciding when you're done is up to you, but it's all too easy to stop too soon. This process will help you practice recognising your potential. You will learn how to: 

  • recognise comfort zones
  • make new choices
  • explore your potential
  • prioritise your process
  • know you are enough 
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Six x 2 hour group workshops in a spacious studio with all art materials supplied and an abundance of colours ready to inspire exploration and imagination. A journey of personal discovery through creative exploration.