Explore Your Creativity with Painting

This online training course is designed to be used independently or in conjunction with in-person facilitated discovery of your internal creative process and generation of new ways through doubts, judgements and blocks, so that you can thrive as a creative individual. 

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Awaken Creativity

Enter a safe space where you can explore your creative side.

Overcome Doubts

Discover your process without pressure & judgement.

Inspire Yourself

Experience new insights & energy for a creative life.

"I wanted to explore my creative side through the medium of paint, but doubted my ability to get into the flow with it. Because the workshop focused on exploring one's own creative instincts, my doubts evaporated, and I just totally enjoyed the process. I came away with four paintings, a new passion and a desire to do more of this work with Mandy. Highly recommended for those of you who want to explore their creativity in a nurturing, warm environment.”


Tanya Kenner-Campbell - Leadership and Culture Development (HYPR Innovation)

Explore Your Creativity

Access creative freedom and connect to your own unique voice, so that you can face difficulty, know you are enough and thrive as a creative and an individual.

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