You can workshop with me online or in person. My workshops create a safe space where you can play with paint and enjoy a gentle laid back approach to learning - and hopefully, have some fun in the process. A big part of my workshops is that we don't actually work, we play! That's how we learn best. Like when kids get into it and get on with it, they just enjoy themselves - and, they learn fast!

Learn how to use paint so you can ...

Discover the keys to unlocking your imagination and accessing an endless source of inspiration within you.

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Sunday Morning Workshops @ Amanda's Studio

For those who live near enough to me, I'm on Hibiscus Coast. You can join me at my weekly in-person workshops.

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Online Workshops via Zoom

For those who are located across the globe and want live online facilitation in a small group. 

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Weekend Workshops @ Amanda's Studio 

For those who live in New Zealand, who want a weekend to experience personal discovery through creative exploration.

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Discover the keys to unlocking your imagination and accessing the endless source of inspiration.

A gentle yet profoundly powerful process to help you discover how to unlock your creativity and liberate your imagination using the medium of paint.

You don’t need to be an artist to join us, you just have to be curious enough to want to see what happens when you set your creativity free.